Domestic shipment of CNG type 2 bottles


I will introduce you vehicle use CNG type 2gas cylinder.

1. Customize color(choose product appearance color according to market demand

2. Size customization (according to your market model can be customized sixty litres seventy litres seventy-five litres, eighty liters

3. Diameter: three hundred and fifty-six millimeters.

4. Implement standard ECE: R110/ ISO11439-2013,


working pressure: two hundred bar, three hunderd bar

Domestic shipment of CNG type 2 bottles

 The company is a manufacturer and seller of various seamless steel cylinders and composite liner cylinders for automotive compressed natural gas cylinders, industrial gas cylinders and firefighting cylinders.

  The company was established in 2009 and moved into the Taihu County Economic Development Zone in Anhui Province in 2014, building its own standardized factory covering an area of 46,000 square meters. For more than 10 years, we have focused on R&D and production, with a total global sales volume of 2 million units. The company has 6 cylinder spinning lines, 2 heat treatment and tempering lines, as well as machine processing, painting and winding lines, with an annual production capacity of 360,000 cylinders, and can produce seamless industrial steel cylinders, seamless steel cylinders for CNG vehicles, glass fibre ring-wound cylinders for CNG vehicles, carbon fibre wound cylinders for CNG vehicles, composite wound cylinders for CNG vehicles, seamless steel cylinders for CNG stations, fire-fighting cylinders, LPG Dehejiang cylinders, and LPG cylinders. Fire-fighting cylinders, LPG cylinders, breathing apparatus and other products.

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