New and high quality Brand LD CNG Cylinders from China

Anhui Clean Energy is one of the leading gas cylinder manufacturer in China. With its advanced technology and systematic production, LD brand CNG gas cylinders have been widely praised by sellers for more than ten years.


Brand LD CNG Cylinders can be classified into 4 types from CNG type-1 to CNG type-4, all of which are more environmentally friendly and clean energy for vehicles than gasoline and diesel. CNG2, CNG3 and CNG4 are launched on the basis of CNG1 for the purpose of being lighter and safer. 

New and high quality Brand LD CNG Cylinders from China

Cng 1, cng2 and cng3 are steel tanks, Cng4 is plastic tanks.

Its not difficult to image that the cng4 is the lightest of the 4 types, while the wrapped carbon fiber and glass fiber protecting the perimeter make it also the safest model.

The CNG3 is also available in carbon fiber and fiberglass, but it differs from the CNG4 in that it has an aluminum liner, which also makes it the second-safest and lighter model. CNG2 is only wrapped with glass fiber but this does not affect its safety and usability, it is safer and lighter than CNG1 and more economical than types 3 and 4.

 Last but not least the cng 1 is the most economical type, although it may be heavier than other types ,it is still the choice of most people.  The most economical and good quality both make it popular in many countries.

New and high quality Brand LD CNG Cylinders from China

Until 2022, many countries have established a large number of CNG filling stations, not only the requirements of government policies but also the acceptance of more people make CNG have a good prospect.

What are you waiting for? If you want to know more, please let us know and we will tell you more about our company and our LD brand CNG cylinders!

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