High Pressure Gas Cylinders - High Pressure Seamless Industrial Gas Cylinders

Feb. 18, 2022

High Pressure Seamless Industrial Gas Cylinders Are Available in Ø 108 mm to Ø 356 mm from 3 Ltrs. To 160 Ltrs & Working Pressure of 150 kgs/cm² to 400 kgs/cm²

We offer following solutions:Industrial Gas Cylinders and High Pressure Gas Cylinders


Industrial Gases Industry

We manufacture High Pressure Gas Cylinders used for industrial purposes for storing wide variety of gases and other uses in the industries mentioned below:

Chemical Industry which employs all major industrial gases as a raw material or for use as an inert gas with Nitrogen and Argon being widely used.

Energy Industry where the Cylinders are used for bulk storage and transportation of various gases like sulphur & hexafluoride (SF6)

Metallurgy where the cylinders are used to store gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon that are used in the steel and metal industry.


Healthcare/Breathing/Mountaineering etc.

We also manufacture Industrial Gas Cylinders used for life saving applications for the supply of Oxygen as a respiratory aid. Traditionally Oxygen was supplied through larger cylinders, and patients were confined to hospital institutions. However today, Oxygen lightweight cylinders enable patients to leave hospitals much early.

We also Gas Cylinders Suppliers that are used to store gases such as Helium (used in sophisticated techniques such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), keyhole surgery and PET (positron emission tomography) and Carbon Di Oxide (employed in bath therapy and for cryosurgery and nitric oxide for patients with pulmonary failure).

High Pressure Gas Cylinders - High Pressure Seamless Industrial Gas Cylinders


Food & Beverage Industry

Industrial Gas Cylinders are being increasingly used to store liquid Nitrogen and CarbonDi Oxide used in high quality product freezing. These gases are also used to maintain accurate lower temperatures for food distribution.


High Pressure Gas Cylinders in Fire Fighting Industry

We are also Cng Cylinders Manufacturers and supplier used for firefighting equipments. Depending on the class of extinguishers, cylinders can be filled with water and pressurized with foam or powder, with Nitrogen, sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate, mono-ammonium phosphate or with highly pressurized Carbon Di Oxide. These cylinders are used in carbon-di-oxide fire extinguishers, which are vigorously used everywhere in Ships, Thermal Power Stations, Automatic fire extinguishing systems, hospitals, malls, cinema halls, offices etc. We are a major provider of cylinders to this industry.


Welding and various others industrial applications

Industrial Gas Cylinders also find usage in the cutting and welding applications wherein it uses stored gases like acetylene, propane, mixtures of fuel gases and Oxygen. For MIG (metal inert gas) welding, Argon, Helium, Carbon Di Oxide and Oxygen and mixtures of these are used. TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding uses Argon and Helium and, occasionally, hydrogen. All these industrial gases require cylinders for storage, which is manufactured by us.


Defence and space applications

Defence department also requires cylinders for storage of gases, which have to be manufactured and tested as per their stringent standards. Similarly, High Pressure Gas Cylinders for space applications are also manufactured by us. We have been successful in developing cylinders for these industries.


High Pressure Gas Cylinders and Others

Divers, who operate at depths of 300 m and more, depend on Oxygen/Helium – mixtures as a breathing gas. Oxygen is also used in high altitudes by mountaineers and in airplanes in case of cabin pressure loss for both pilots and passengers at 5000 meter plus altitudes. We are Gas Cylinders Manufacturers in China. Our cylinders are also used for storage of these gases.


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