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4 Major Advantages of Direct Manufacturers

Since its establishment over ten years ago, the company has a self-built factory covering an area of 56,000 square meters.  We currently have a workforce of 240 employees, including 50 senior technical and management personnel.  Additionally, we have the production capacity to manufacture 300,000 various types of gas cylinders per year, as well as 9,000 sets of CNG framework assemblies and gas supply system.

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Anhui Clean Energy Co., Ltd. is a Chinese high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of automotive CNG cylinders (CNG-1, CNG-2, CNG-3, CNG-4), CNG cylinder assemblies, CNG frame assemblies, and gas supply systems, as well as steel seamless gas cylinders (industrial cylinders, firefighting cylinders), and composite LPG cylinders.
  • CNG Gas Cylinders for vehicles
    CNG Gas Cylinders for vehicles

    We are a professional manufacturer of high-pressure CNG cylinders, committed to providing high-quality products for both global and Chinese markets. We can customize the color, size, logo, and valve according to customer demands. Our cylinders are widely used in urban taxis, buses, private cars, and large transportation vehicles. Please feel free to contact us for more information

  • Industrial gas cylinder
    Industrial gas cylinder

    As a professional industrial gas cylinder supplier and manufacturer, we offer high industrial gas cylinders to meet your specific needs. Our cylinders are known for their reliable performance and excellent quality, ensuring they meet the strict requirements of various industrial sectors. They can be customized terms of color to perfectly blend into your specific work environment. We also offer precise customization in terms of size to accommodate different spaces and usage conditions. Additionally, we provide logo customization services to showcase your brand uniqueness or meet personalized requirements.

  • Hydrogen cylinders for cars
    Hydrogen cylinders for cars

    We are a manufacturer of gas cylinders, specializing in the supply of high-quality hydrogen gas cylinders. These hydrogen gas cylinders are meticulously designed and manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring safe and reliable storage and transportation of hydrogen gas. They possess excellent compressive strength and sealing performance, guaranteeing the stability of hydrogen gas in various environments. Additionally, we understand the importance of meeting customers' personalized needs. Therefore, our gas cylinders not only have powerful functions but can also be customized in terms of color. You can choose your preferred color to give the cylinders a unique style that suits your preferences or specific scenarios. Moreover, we also offer logo customization services, which not only enhance the cylinder's recognition but also highlight your brand image.

  • LPG Composite Cylinder
    LPG Composite Cylinder

    As a professional supplier and manufacturer of LPG cylinders, our cylinders are known for their excellent safety and durability. Under strict quality control, they can be used in various environments. Additionally, we offer flexible customization services to meet the specific needs of our customers. This personalizing the color of the cylinders to match the usage scenario or corporate image, as well as the option to customize logos to showcase a customer's unique identity. Furthermore, the size of the cylinders can also be customized to accommodate different spatial and application requirements.

  • Gas cylinder assembly

    A gas cylinder group usually consists of several gas cylinders and some accessories, each of which must have the same volume, working pressure, material and manufacturing standards. Accessories include manifolds, valves, flanges and pipes.

Anhui Clean Energy CO., Ltd.
Anhui Clean Energy Co., Ltd. is a Chinese high-tech enterprise ,specializing in the R&D, production and sales of CNG cylinders for vehicle (CNG-1.CNG-2.CNG-3.CNG-4),CNG gas storage cylinder bundles,CNG frame assemblies ,gas supply systems, as well as seamless steel gas cylinders (industrial gas cylinders, fire-fighting gas cylinders) and LPG composite gas cylinders.
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At present, our production capacity reaches 300,000 units per year, and it is scheduled to be doubled within one year.

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At present, our production capacity reaches 360,000 units per year, and it is scheduled to be doubled within one year.
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  • What do you know about cng III cylinders?
    Jul 20, 2024
    As a Chinese cylinder manufacturer, Clean Energy's CNG 3 cylinder consists of a seamless steel lining and a carbon fiber winding layer. The advantage of type 3 cylinders is that they are lighter than steel cylinders; High strength and durability, high safety performance; The technology is mature, t...
  • Export of high quality gas cylinders to Central and South America
    Jul 19, 2024
      On Friday, July 19, 2024, Anhui Clean Energy Quality successfully exported a batch of high-quality CNG cylinders to Central and South America.     CNG cylinders are carefully constructed using advanced technology and processes to provide outstanding safety, reliability and durabil...
  • What size can fire cylinders be made?
    Jul 17, 2024
    Fire extinguisher cylinders are essential component of fire equipment serving multiple critical purposes Produced by Anhui Energy, these fireisher cylinders have a capacity of 35 liters a maximum capacity of 68 liters, allowing the storage of significant of firefighting gases such carbon dioxide, n...
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