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Fire drill

Fire drill

Jun 22, 2024

On Saturday, June 15, 2024, a tense and orderly fire drill was staged in Anhui Clean Energy. The fire drill aims to improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, enhance the emergency handling ability to deal with fire emergencies, and ensure the safety of personnel lives and property.

Fire drill

The drill site simulated the real scene when the fire broke out. With the sound of the alarm, all employees acted quickly and evacuated to safety in an orderly manner according to the predetermined evacuation route, covering their mouths and noses and bending down. The whole evacuation process was tense and orderly, and it only took 3 minutes to achieve the expected effect. In the fire fighting practice, the employees actively participated, experienced the fire fighting operation, and further mastered the fire fighting skills. In addition, the drill also set up a medical rescue link, simulated the emergency treatment and transfer of injured people, to ensure that medical assistance can be timely and effective in the event of a fire. Through this fire drill, not only tested the feasibility and effectiveness of Anhui clean energy fire emergency plan, but also improved the fire safety awareness and self-prevention and self-rescue ability of employees.

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