Industrial gas cylinder

Industrial gas cylinder

Gas Cylinders Manufacturer

What are gas cylinders?

Cylinders or tanks are pressure vessels used to store and contain gases above atmospheric pressure. High-pressure cylinders are also called gas cylinders. In the cylinder, according to the physical properties of the content, the content can be stored in compressed gas, vapor in liquid, supercritical fluid, or dissolved in a matrix material. The typical cylinder design is slender, flat-bottomed and upright, with valves and accessories on the top for connecting receiving equipment.

Which material is used in manufacture gas cylinder?

Gas cylinders Material: 37Mn/34CrMo4

Gas cylinders seamless steel gas cylinder

gas cylinders application

Food, healthcare, environment, medical, petrochemical, industrial hygiene and other fields

Why should gas be stored in cylinders?

Compressed gas cylinders contain gas stored under high pressure, causing serious harm to the workplace. Cylinders with chemical hazards include: Gas that catches fire or explodes due to the flammable release near a fire source (such as acetylene or liquefied petroleum gas)

How Gas cylinders are manufactured?

Anhui Clean Energy Co. Ltd specializes in manufacturing seamless steel gas cylinders of B1 and B3 class under the approval from the General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China.

Our complete industrial and professional gas product line has a variety of states, purity and cylinder sizes to meet your company's gas cylinders needs. Using our most advanced gas cylinder filling plant, we have a wide range of medical, industrial, specialty, food and cryogenic gas product lines to meet your company's precise requirements for gas cylinders.

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