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Yang Zhenchao, Vice Governor of Anhui Province, investigates the development zone

Yang Zhenchao, Vice Governor of Anhui Province, investigates the development zone

Apr 30, 2024

 On July 7, Vice Governor Yang Zhenchao, accompanied by Fang Zhihong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, Wu Weiren, Deputy Director of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, and Chen Bingbing, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, came to our county to investigate the development of industrial enterprises. County leaders Cheng Zhixiang, Zhu Xiaobing, Zhang Shimin, Li Jiasheng and Deputy Director of the County Economic Development Zone Management Committee Lu Minghua accompanied the investigation.Yang Zhenchao, Vice Governor of Anhui Province, investigates the development zone

         Yang Zhenchao first came to Jinzhang Technology, watched the company's development history video, inspected the company's first-line production situation, and affirmed the company's good development results. He encouraged companies to increase the introduction of talents and the productivity of high-end membrane materials research and development, continue to strengthen technology leadership, and strive to scale up. Green Power Energy is an enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of compressed natural gas cylinders for vehicles, and is committed to providing automotive green energy solutions and related environmental protection supporting services. Yang Zhenchao pointed out that this is a special industry in Anhui Province and affirmed the development prospects of the company. He urged the company to strengthen safety management, optimize production processes, extend the industrial chain in the direction of the development of special steel, and further increase the added value of products. In Hongyu Wuzhou, Yang Zhenchao learned about the company's employment, production, export sales, etc., and had cordial conversations with workers, encouraging companies to increase process improvement and product research and development, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and achieve better and faster development.

          Subsequently, Yang Zhenchao presided over a corporate development symposium. Yang Zhenchao listened carefully to the report by Cheng Zhixiang, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, on the basic county situation, industrial development and future work plans of our county, and learned from the Taihu County Financing Guarantee Company and the heads of five enterprises under the pressure of economic downturn. The operation of financing and various difficulties in the development of enterprises. In response to the logistics and talent issues raised by the company, Yang Zhenchao asked the relevant departments of Anqing to conduct a survey of the city’s logistics market, and conduct scientific dispatch through the establishment of large cargo yards and distribution centers; and through optimizing and perfecting talent introduction policies and strengthening school-enterprise cooperation to attract and cultivate technology Talents and practical talents; further enhance the awareness of financing guarantee risk prevention, and continuously innovate financing methods and platforms through establishment of industrial bases and other methods, and expand guarantees.Yang Zhenchao, Vice Governor of Anhui Province, investigates the development zone

        Yang Zhenchao fully affirmed the development and changes of Taihu County in recent years. At the same time, he pointed out that Taihu County has a rich cultural history and beautiful natural scenery. It is necessary to dig deep into the historical culture and natural resources, expand and strengthen the tourism industry, and strive to increase its influence and influence. Reputation. Yang Zhenchao emphasized that the private economy is a major support for the county economy. Taihu County should create a strong development atmosphere, set off a wave of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and promote industrial development through vigorous development of the private economy; Taihu County should combine the county conditions and the actual situation of the enterprise , To encourage enterprises to innovate in terms of products, technology, organization, new models, etc., to promote enterprises to establish a modern enterprise system, and to support the development of industrial economy with innovative thinking and innovative concepts, and to continue to strengthen the industrial economy through innovation; Taihu County wants Combining with the formulation of the national industrial development strategic plan and the "13th Five-Year Plan", we are committed to building and forming certain industrial clusters, supporting the development of related supporting industries, making characteristics and creating bright spots, and striving to achieve specialization and innovation by highlighting key points; Taihu The county should create a good environment, pay attention to assisting the development of enterprises, adhere to a new path of green, efficient and sustainable industrialization, increase talent introduction and recruitment, effectively solve the problem of corporate financing difficulties, continue to promote the construction of industrial development platforms, and be proactive The land serves the development of the enterprise well.

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