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How much do you know about CNG gas cylinders for vehicles?

How much do you know about CNG gas cylinders for vehicles?

Oct 12, 2021

Global exploration and production of natural gas is growing. Although growth has slowed over the past few years, growing shale gas exploration in the United States is changing the landscape of the natural gas industry. Rising gasoline and diesel fuel prices, lower natural gas costs, growing environmental concerns and growing demand in the Asia Pacific region are making compressed natural gas (CNG) a viable option for the automotive industry. The growing demand for CNG is also subsequently driving the CNG tank market.


With the recent technological developments, the major challenges in the CNG tank market are limited refueling infrastructure, rising raw material prices, and high composite tank prices. Frequent product development is necessary for companies to maintain their competitive position in the market.


On the basis of raw materials: the global compressed natural gas tanks market is segmented into three categories.



Carbon Fiber


On the basis of type: The compressed natural gas tanks market is segmented into the following sub-categories.

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4


On the basis of vehicle type: The CNG tank market is further segmented into the following sub-categories.

Light Duty Vehicle (LDV)

Medium Duty Vehicle (MDV)

Heavy Duty Vehicle (HDV)


Is compressed natural gas safe?

Yes, it is safe, and the properties of CNG make it a safe fuel. It is lighter than air, so in the event of a leak, it will rise and disperse into the atmosphere. In addition, it has a self-ignition temperature of 540 degrees Celsius compared to 360 degrees Celsius for gasoline, making it a safe fuel. In addition, in the event of a leak, the gas will not burn, even if there is a spark, if the concentration of CNG in the air is below 5% and above 15%.


What are the dimensions and weight of CNG cylinders?

CNG cylinder are made of a special steel alloy and have a seamless construction. Their compact dimensions make them easy to install even in small vehicles. An empty CNG cylinder with a capacity of 50 liters weighs 48 kg, is 835 mm long and 316 mm in diameter. 50-liter capacity cylinders are the most common type; 45-, 55-, 60- and 65-liter capacity cylinders are also used.


What is the pressure of the compressed natural gas in the cylinder? Is it safe to refuel a cylinder at a given pressure?

CNG cylinders are designed and manufactured to withstand high pressures. the maximum pressure in CNG cylinders is up to 200 kg/cm2 (g) (approximately 2840 psi (gauge) or psi[g]). CNG cylinders are safe because they are manufactured to specific requirements, tested prior to use, meet international codes and standards, and are officially approved by the General Explosives Control. In addition, they are equipped with a "safety rupture disc" to rupture and release pressure in the event of unintentional high pressure/high temperature during filling or at any other time.


How much can I save by switching to CNG?

The conversion to CNG at current CNG and gasoline prices in Delhi reduces the fuel cost by approximately 50% based on the average operation of the vehicle.


How to maintain a CNG vehicle?

> Check regularly for leaks.

> Check for cylinder damage.

> Change/clean spark plugs regularly.

> Clean/replace the air filter and throttle body.

> Park the CNG vehicle in a cool place.

> Always start the vehicle with gasoline fue

Our cylinder manufacturing process ensures the best material quality combined with superior workmanship. We have implemented state-of-the-art testing and quality measures in our plants. From raw materials to processes and necessary pressure tests, every stage of the final product is monitored to ensure excellence and safety. In addition, thanks to our in-house quality assurance measures, our cylinders are confirmed to meet local and international standards. Any cylinder launched from our factory meets the highest national standard - ISI - and can be guaranteed safe.

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