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Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Autumn Games

Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Autumn Games

Sep 27, 2021

In this autumnal September, accompanied by the harvest season. "Beyond the opponent, beyond the self", in this autumn Anhui Green Energy Co., Ltd. plant resounded with fierce cheering, cheering, shouting. The joyful sound of this staff fun games flew passionately in every corner of Anhui Green Energy Co., Ltd. Every staff was overflowing with proud laughter and endless pride, they wanted to show themselves and play their own specialties in the games.

Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrate the National Autumn Games, the whole plant participated enthusiastically, the whole plant is divided into 2 people table tennis game, three-person basketball game, multi-person group tug-of-war. Each game can exercise everyone's ability to use their hands and brains and also exercise the spirit of unity and cooperation in the work, which is not only the competition of wisdom and physical strength but also the perfect competition of unity and cooperation.

From the beginning to the end of the Games, every athlete participating in each team touched the heartstrings of the employees present. Breathing together, sharing the same fate. Cheering, cheering and applauding each other. The scene laughter after laughter, truly reflects the great enthusiasm of everyone. This staff fun games enhanced the cohesion within the department company, improved the enthusiasm of staff participation in activities, and enhanced the communication between departments. It built a stage for employees to show their talents, promote friendship and sharpen their wills, and provided a platform for "happy sports and healthy sports". With their own strength and teamwork spirit, the athletes competed with style and level.

The staff fun games ended in the cheer, but the athletes and the staff of the games, especially the judges during this period showed the noble collectivist spirit will be our learning example, we will take the games as a new starting point. In accordance with the company's corporate motto of "Do diligently and conscientiously, work conscientiously", we will march to the goal of "higher, faster and stronger" together with the enterprise!

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