CNG Gas Cylinders for Vehicles

CNG Gas Cylinders for Vehicles

CNG cylinder manufacturer

CNG cylinder description

Use steel seamless cylinders, CNG car glass fiber hoop wound gas cylinders, CNG car carbon fiber wound gas cylinders, CNG car composite material wound gas cylinders, CNG station steel seamless cylinders, fire-fighting steel cylinders, LPG Cylinders, respirators and other products.

CNG cylinder Production Ranges

CNG Cylinder capacity ranges from 20L to 260L, and diameter ranges from 219mm to 406mm.

Advanced Production Technology Of Cng Cylinder

Our Steel cng cylinder for vehicles(CNG-1) are produced from seamless steel tubes by applying the most advanced forming technology, Hot-rotary Spinning, with this technology we can guarantee the cylinder length tolerance more accurately within 5-10mm.

How many types of CNG cylinders are there?

Storage tank types: CNG storage tanks have four types (type 1-4). The model name is based on the design and production method, including the lining material of the storage tank. These materials also regulate the temperature inside the tank and therefore affect the amount of CNG in the tank based on defined limits.

Anhui Clean Energy Co. Ltd specializes in manufacturing seamless steel gas cylinders of B1 and B3 class under the approval from the General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China. If need, welcome to contact us!



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